A Bite of Innovation

How exciting to be in one of the most exploding innovation ecosystems in the world right now! Rotterdam has risen to the higher ranks in an exponential way, and on Friday, September 29th you can see first hand the innovation that is taking place. Join us as we head deep into Rotterdam's known and yet to be discovered innovation hubs, and along the way we'll mix in some truly innovative drinks & bites!

What is included:
Visits to various innovation hubs, all the food (comparable to an evening meal), a couple of drinks, a bottle of water and a professional guide.

What do you need:
A (rental) bike, suitable clothing and a healthy appetite!

How long will we be biking & biting:
 About 4 hours.

What time do we leave:
At 18:00.

Where do we meet:
At Venture Cafe in the Groothandelsgebouw.

How much does it cost:
€35 Euros per person.

Renting a bike:
If you do not have a bike at your disposal, we will organize one for you. Renting a bike for the tour will cost you 5 euros. Please specify whether you need one in the booking form, we'll take care of the rest!