Off the Eaten Track

This tour brings you to the real Rotterdam, as we delve deeper into this incredibly interesting city. You'll see the up and coming new neighbourhoods and the good old Rotterdam. On our way we will stop at different locations to sample the wonderful culinary surprises that Rotterdam has to offer.

What is included:
All the food (comparable to a big lunch), a bottle of water and a drink at the end.

What do you need:
A (rental) bike, suitable clothing and a healthy appetite!

How long will we be biking & biting:
 About 4 hours.

What time do we leave:
At 11:00.

Where do we meet:
The square at the front of Central Station, on the right beside the entrance to the underground bicycle parking garage.

How much does it cost:
€50 Euros per person.

Renting a bike:
If you do not have a bike at your disposal, we will organise one for you. Renting a bike for the tour will cost you 5 euros. Please specify whether you need one in the booking form, we'll take care of the rest!

Please be advised that our tours run with a minimum of four participants. We will let you know the day before if the tour has not reached the required numbers to run.

Bike and Bite Rotterdam Fiets Food Tours Off.jpg